Answers needed before moving forward


It has been difficult to obtain official validated information which pertained to the business transactions between Mercy-Trinity (MD and the Oakland Memorial Hospital (OMH) and the Oakland Hospital Foundation (OHF) Boards.

Before we develop a plan to attempt to regain ownership of our hospital and Lyons and Oakland rural health clinics, it is very important to have answers to the following questions:

  1. After it was voted to dissolve the Oakland Hospital District, what were the terms of the transfer of ownership agreement between MT and OMH?
  1. What was the amount of the OMH indebtedness at the time MT was becoming owner and operator of the Oakland Hospital and clinics?
  1. OHF had funds acquired from donations and fund drives. Were there any written agreements between OHF and MT which under some conditions granted MT to use OHF funds?
  1. What is the amount of OHF funds currently on deposit?
  2. The farm land owned by Harold and Donna Baldwin and donated to the Oakland Hospital District was originally intended to be used as a future site for a new hospital and emergency department. That land is now deeded to the OHF. Is there any agreement which grants MT use of the donated property?
  1. Were there explicit terms which applied to MTs continual use of OHF funds and farmland property if MT unilaterally decided to close operations of the hospital and emergency department?
  1. During the proceedings to transfer ownership of the hospital and clinics to MT, did the OMH hospital board accept a "no compete clause" to eliminate the possibility of considering competitive offers from other hospitals?
  1. Since MT became owner of OMH hospital and clinics, has OHF contributed any donated funds for equipment and operations to MT?
  2. On what date did MT notify OHF of their decision to permanently close the hospital and emergency services?

The answers to the above questions will enable us to develop a feasible plan with the goal of that plan being to regain local ownership of a critical access hospital with 24/7 emergency room coverage.  I can assure you those answers can and will be obtained!

Dr. G.E. Peterson

Oakland, Nebraska


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