A little TALK & WALK with Jesus

Oakland and Craig women to unite in prayer, April 1


For decades, “World Day of Prayer” has been a tradition in the Oakland and Craig communities. This year, a change was desired. After consulting with some of the local pastors, the women of Salem Evangelical Covenant Church of rural Oakland decided not to host “World Day of Prayer.”

Previously it had been held in the daytime on the first Friday of March with the women of the community churches taking turns hosting. However, being aware of the great need for prayer in our communities and being just a bit jealous of the fellowship enjoyed by area men at their Lenten prayer breakfasts, the leaders of Salem Women Ministries brainstormed. What sort of prayer event could they plan that would involve purposeful prayer by women and girls of all ages from every denomination, be held at a time more convenient for working women as well as those attending school, and would hopefully be an encouragement to those being prayed for?

That’s when Rachel Dockhorn spoke up. She shared about a community “walking” prayer event that had impacted her as a youth. The rest of the leaders loved the idea and seeds were planted for a new women and girls prayer event for our area.

Those ideas were soon shared with the rest of the Salem women who supported the idea, phone calls were made to contacts at all the Oakland and Craig churches, and due to the enthusiasm of the women called and the generosity of Terry and Mark Wallerstedt, several women representing those churches met on March 18th at the beautiful new barn at the Harvest Moon Pumpkin Patch to set the idea in motion.

Responsibilities such as researching to prepare lists of concerns for each category being prayed about, advertising the event and choosing praise music were assigned to each church. All promised to pray about the details of the event itself and to spread the word.

But what should the event be called?

 Anna Anderson considered the theme for the women of Salem this year: “BIG and little”- revamping Women Ministries a bit to involve more big (older) and little (younger) girls, remembering things learned from both the big and little girls in our lives, and focusing on both the big and little things the Lord wants us to do together to love and encourage others.

One night when Anna couldn’t sleep, she recalled praying as a child and the chorus of a song often sung by her dad, Dwain Anderson, and her older brothers, Tim, Cal and Kevin, came to mind. “Now let us Have a little talk with Jesus, let us tell Him all about our troubles, He will Hear our faintest cry and He will answer by and by.” Since this event will involve both a little talking with the Lord, and a little walking, the name “A little Talk & Walk with Jesus” or “Talk & Walk” for short, seemed a perfect fit.

So, women and girls of all ages- whether they attend a church or not- are invited to gather at the Lutheran Church parking lot in Oakland on Saturday, April 13, 2024, at 10 a.m., to sing and pray for our communities, county, state, nation and world. Predesignated prayer leaders will split participants into small groups and lead them on a walk to various places in town to pray specific lists of concerns for our school, city leaders/workers, businesses including farming, firefighters/EMTs, police, nursing home, medical clinic and caregivers.

Uncomfortable praying in public? No problem- just come to listen. Just your presence will be an encouragement to those being prayed for. Mobility issues? No problem- some groups will remain in the parking lot to pray for our churches, pastors, families, etc. All will return to the parking lot to pray as a large group before departing at 11:00 a.m.

The event will not be cancelled due to inclement weather. Participants will either thank the Lord for moisture and carry umbrellas, or everyone will gather inside the Lutheran Church to sing and pray. If you can’t attend the event, pray at home or wherever you are. Afterwards, the prayer lists will be provided to the churches so others can pray the lists too.

Simply put, when people of a community pray together, God does BIG things. Sometimes He even performs miracles. Anna Anderson knows- she lives with one. In 2021, Anna’s husband Paul survived Covid-19 after being on a ventilator for 79 days. “Words can’t express how grateful Paul and I will always be for the hundreds of people in our area who prayed for Paul and our family during that time.” Just a LITTLE talk with Jesus, does make it right!